Unit 21: Working with ICT Hardware and Equipment

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Unit 21: Working with ICT Hardware and Equipment

The working Process

Building a pc for a school

When building a pc for a school I need to ensure that it is built to the requirements. As the pc go out to the schools and the connexions centre they need to have specific software etc on the computers for them to run correctly without any problems.

When building a pc for a school I need to check the following:

Customer Requirements

Customer requirements can be from what they need i.e.:

  • The basic – computer
  • Which software they are requiring in this case Citrix as the main programme. (Citrix is used to remotely connect to the server from over the internet).
  • It could also need a certain amount of memory in the computer
  • A better machine so that it does not cause them the hassle that the old one did. This can be helpful especially if the customer is on their computer all through the working day. Personal advisers that are in schools also need to have computers that can be as fast as required as they tend to hold a lot of interviews with the pupils at the school.
  • Any extra ram or drivers that are needed need to be placed into the computer carefully. As the ICT team are regularly asked to make sure that computer speed is kept at its maximum for all computers in the business it is important that extra ram is put in carefully, ensuring that health and safety rules are followed.

The requirements of the customer can range from:

  • Have specific skills including knowing how the equipment/hardware works. If the customer does not have these skills they can be trained in them. There are internal and external training that is available in this company.
  • Training days that need to be attended in order to ensure that they know how to use equipment properly
  • Health examination – some jobs will require the employee to be completely healthy to ensure there are not any risks when it comes to their job.
  • If protective clothing needs to be worn, the customer needs to be able to know when and what needs to be worn at specific times.
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Customer Acceptance

When installing software it shows up a box (like below) telling us the terms and conditions of the software.

If we want to install the software we have to agree to the terms. Otherwise it gives us the option to go back. Below is an example of customer acceptance when installing a programme called FLV Player. (Source of the programme is the internet)

It is important that we read the terms and conditions before we install the software.

Product registration


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