Unit 3 - Impact on Information Availability

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Task One - Impact on Information Availability

What electronic information do I access and what impact has this had on my life

The internet has had a huge impact on people’s lives throughout the world, it allows people from all over the world to communicate and meet in one place, and the impact is clearly visible in today’s society. Originally used for communication and business the internet has quickly grown and everything can now be found on the internet quickly and easily.

Personally, the internet plays a big part in my life as it is easy to find any information that I may require. It assists me in my school work and revision with sites like BBC Bitesize set up with revision resources and links to other helpful sites. I also use the internet for the latest news (and weather) using sites such as BBC News which contain all the days main headlines as well as discussion by the public on these stories. More recently I have been using the internet for online shopping, which is particularly helpful for events such as Christmas, with sites like Amazon and Play supplying goods for cheaper prices than most high street retailers as well as quick and efficient delivery.

All of these websites listed are everyday sites which I use as helpful aids in my life, but I also use the internet for my interests and hobbies. I frequently visit sites such as Skysports to check all the latest football news and fixtures as well as visiting online forums to discuss a variety of issues.  Forums allow discussion between select groups of people who share common interests from A-level forums to Golf forums; it is easy to find one relevant to your interests. Social networking is also becoming more popular and is something that I use on a daily basis through sites such as Facebook which allows people from all over the world to interact with each, I also use hotmail to chat to friends online and send and receive e-mails.

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I have just looked at the positive impact that it has on my life and there are many negative effects of the internet such as phishing, security, privacy and computer viruses. In my experience I have never had any problems due to safe use and browsing of the internet and computer software to stop virus damaging my computer and the information stored on it. Many people who are unfamiliar with the internet and electronic information may not be aware of such problems and are more likely to feel the negative effects the internet can have.


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The last paragraph of the report, is lacking one key term which should have been used. The term 'Digital Divide' should have been used, as this describes how some people cannot access the internet. On the plus side, the user does describe the term 'Digital Divide', without stating the term. It might be the case, that the student isn't aware of this term but is aware of the effects of the term.

The report gives a number of real examples, where the student states which websites he/she visits and how the information is useful to the student. The examples are in-depth and acknowledges that the available of this information is positive. In addition, the student describes a number of drawbacks which the report states needs to be taken into consideration when accessing information. This is a balanced report, which states the positives and negatives, alongside the overall conclusion.

The report states how the use of information has helped a number of different people within sociality, ranging from family life to business. This is quite good, however the section 'Business' is lacking detail and this in my view should be the largest of all these sections. As business use information on-line as apart of their daily operation's.