Unit 35 - : Impact of the use of IT on business systems.

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Craig Waters                    Unit 35: Impact of the use of IT on business systems

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Unit 35: Impact of the use of IT on business systems.

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Impact of the use of IT on business systems

The business landscape is being re-shaped as enterprise companies such as Dell, Google and Microsoft evolve to both satisfy and fuel the demand for IT-related products and services. New technologies and ways of working are forcing businesses to re-engineer themselves, as well as stimulating the growth of new businesses that are set up specifically to exploit these technologies. This unit starts by exploring the range of new technologies that have impacted business and then considers why it is necessary for organisations to respond. Some established businesses have failed precisely because they have not been nimble enough in adapting to the new information technologies.

This unit looks at how developments in IT, such as the widespread use of networks and the internet, have had an impact on organisations. The business environment has changed as a result of technology so that the border between local, national and global markets is fast disappearing. These concepts are investigated along with the purchasing of the technology itself and the expertise required to install and administer it.

The way that organisations have to adapt to technology is explored including activities such as enhanced customer service and support. Downsizing, de-layering, restructuring, re-engineering and re-focusing are the buzzwords that mask and reflect the change that happens internally when IT applications are extended and applied within organisations.

Finally, the impact of changing technology on both employers and employees is developed, looking at issues such as home working. Employment patterns and the expertise required of staff are changing. Flexibility in the face of new information technologies will be essential if organisations and individuals are to survive and flourish in the business world.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit you will:

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1 Know the information technology developments that have had an impact on organisations

2 Understand why organisations need to change in response to information technology developments

3 Understand how organisations adapt activities in response to information technology developments.

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