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Use of a database to record information on Mercedes-Benz S-Classes bought from a Mercedes-Benz showroom.

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Analysis User Requirements I am going to use a database to record information on Mercedes-Benz S-Classes bought from a Mercedes-Benz showroom. The staff and manager in the showroom will use the database. They will get all the latest information on available cars. Data Needed I will need to know all the different model types of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which will go on our first database. Details on the customers who purchase Mercedes-Benz S-Classes from us will be put in our second database. Customer details will be taken as Mercedes-Benz S-Classes are expensive cars and theft risks cannot be taken. There will be another table for sales details incase anyone chooses to buy more than one car. The fields that will be covered in my database are model, short wheel base price, long wheel price, max power, max torque, Acceleration, max speed, fuel consumption, colour, optional extra's, registration number, surname, first name, address, post code, telephone number, customer ID, account name, card number, sort code, valid from, expires in, monthly instalment. ...read more.


Number Integer Yes Max Speed Number Integer Yes Fuel Consumption (MPG) Number Integer Yes Colour Text 12 Yes Optional Extra's Text 20 Yes Registration number Text 12 Yes Yes X Table 2: Customer Details Surname Text 20 Yes First Name Text 20 Yes Address Text 30 Yes Post Code Text 10 Yes Registration Number Text 12 Yes Telephone Number Number Long Integer Yes Customer ID Auto number Yes Yes Account Name Text 20 No Credit Card Number Number Long Integer No Sort Code Number Integer No Valid From Date/Time No Expires In Date/Time No Monthly Instalment Paid Number Integer No Table 3: Sales ID Sales ID Auto Number Yes Yes Customer ID Auto Number Yes Surname Text 20 Yes First Name Text 20 Yes Date Date/Time Yes My primary keys are registration number in my first table, customer ID in my second table and sales ID in my third. These are my primary keys as they all have individual properties. The relationships I am going to be using are registration number with a one-to-many relation, and customer ID to a one-to-many relation. ...read more.


I inserted all the fields that were needed. Next, I put the fields in the order I wanted them. Next I chose the format, layout, and style I wanted. Then I clicked 'Finished'. My work has been kept safe and accurate as it has been backed up and has passwords protecting it. It also has the attribute of 'Read-Only' when I am not using my database. Here are some screenshots of backups taken. Evaluation My user requirements did not exactly meet my final product as I tried different ways of improving my product requiring me to keep on updating my user requirements. I have made changes to my product to try and make it more user-friendly and efficient to use. I believe I could improve my product if I had more time to do it and better resources. I believe I could make it more presentable and professional so it would be more appealing to a customer. I would also be able to improve the efficiency of my project and make even simpler to use. I would be able to protect my project better by being able to use more powerful protecting programs. Saeed Sattar 10H Candidate No. 0226 Centre No: 52303 GNVQ: Database Project ...read more.

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