What is communication?

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Thomas Sparks

What is communication?

Communication is sending a massage and ensuring that it has been received.  The sender has a message that he wants people to know about.  This might be:

  • Information i.e. facts that sender wants the receiver too no

  • An attitude e.g. “I do not approve of that.”

  • An emotion e.g. “I am very happy.”

The media is the way in which the message is sent.

The receiver is the person or people the message is intended for.  The receiver can want to receive the message, be indifferent to it or be hostile to it.

The receiver lets the sender know the message has been received and how it has been received.  This is called feedback.

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If the receiver is satisfied with the feedback the message ends.  If the sender is not satisfied with feedback then the message is likely to be repeated – perhaps in a different way.

methods of communication

Written – the use of the written work and numbers in memos, reports, the agenda and minutes of meetings, letters telex and fax.

Oral – use of the spoken work in conversation, giving instructions, meetings, tape recorders, radio, tannoy systems, telephone.

Visual – posters, advertisements, charts graphs, computer graphics, and television.

Electronic – radio, ...

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