What prompts a new system?

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What prompts a new system?

  • The current system may no longer be suitable for its purpose
  • Technological developments may have made the current system redundant or outdated
  • The current system may be too inflexible or expensive to maintain


Technical feasibility
does the technology exist to implement the proposed system, or is it a practical proposition?

Economic feasibility
is proposed system cost-effective – if benefits do not outweigh costs, it’s not worth going ahead.

Legal feasibility
Is there any conflict between the proposed system and legal requirements – e.g. the Data Protection Act?

Operational feasibility
Are current practices and procedures adequate to support the new system?

How will the system change the working lives of the staff involved?

Schedule feasibility
how long will the system take to develop, or can it be done in a desired time-frame?

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Requirements analysis

Gathering details about the current system will involve:

  • Interviewing staff at different levels
    from end-users to senior management
  • Examining current business and systems documents and output
    may include current order documents, computer systems procedures and reports used by operations and senior management
  • Sending out questionnaires
    the questions have to be carefully constructed to elicit unambiguous answers
  • Observation of current procedures
    by spending time in various departments; a time and motion study can show where procedures could be more efficient, or to detect bottlenecks


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