Wikis. In order to decide which Wiki site to use, we looked at several Wiki Farms in order to select the best one:

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A Wiki is a collection of web pages that can be accessed and edited by outside users at any time. A Wiki, in more complex terms, would be described as a piece of server software that allows users to freely edit web page content or simply create their own using any web browser. Ward Cunningham is a computer programmer and inventor of the Wiki concept.  He founded the first Wiki site in 1995.  

Ward Cunnigham describes a Wiki as

The simplest online database that could possibly work.”

In order to decide which Wiki site to use, we looked at several Wiki Farms in order to select the best one:



Seed Wiki hosts non-commercial Wikis for free. However if you wish to sell things from your Wiki, you need to pay for the privilege. This Wiki Farm grows Wikis through its customers. The free site is simple to use, and easy to set up an account with. Seed Wiki is backed up nightly and saves previous copies of pages in case of vandalism. Another great feature of this site is its Wiki widgets. These widgets are set words or phrases that are entered into the Wiki, providing functions such as passwords and new pages. They are simple to use and very handy. Overall we were quite impressed with Seed Wiki.



Apparently and its related together host about 6,000 Wikis and it is a totally free service. The Swiki set-up is on the low-budget side. We had access problems during testing, and our registration brought up a message saying that our subscription had expired.

Security settings can restrict access to members, restrict editing to members, or open a Wiki entirely to the public. Individual member permissions include the ability to view pages, edit pages, add or remove members, and have full access to site administration. Research informed me that a bug causes membership information to vanish occasionally, so was advised to keep a separate list of members. Overall we thought that Swiki was not fancy, and its functions were quite bland.


Socialtext Workspace wasn't released until recently, but already has over 100users. It is a serious Wiki service for businesses, and a little above our specifications for a short exercise. It offers a free 30-day trial, as well as a public workspace. Each Socialtext account gets 1GB of storage per member. New pages are created using brackets rather than classic WikiWords. With all of its functions and editing tools, the existing Wikis we looked at were crisp and professional looking. Although we need to bear in mind that there will be a monthly bill.

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Out of the 3 we only signed up for accounts at Seed Wiki and Swiki. But unfortunately suffered problems at Swiki; we found the set-up difficult and we had trouble accessing our page. In comparison to how easily and quickly we were progressing with Seed Wiki, we decided there was no real competition and chose the latter as the Wiki farm to develop our Wiki. We looked at a few existing Wikis before we started to see what we might be able to achieve and to get some inspiration for the topic of our Wiki. We eventually decided upon ...

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