derek bentley case

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   1953: Derek Bentley hanged for murder

Two people one under the age of 18 and another 19 years of age broke in to a warehouse armed. Derek Bentley 19 years of age and Christopher Craig, both fans of American gang and mafia movies in the 1950’ s were accused of the murder of PC Sidney Miles after a raid took place at the warehouse. Christopher Craig began shooting randomly while Derek Bentley was held next to a police officer under arrest, until Craig shot PC Miles who then died. Both were arrested and taken t o court.

Derek Bentley was a 19 year old who was executed in 1953, 11 December at 9:00 for murder. He was executed for the murder of PC Sidney Miles. Many last-minute appeals were made but were rejected.

Alongside Derek to stand trial for the murder of PC Sidney Miles was co-defendant, Christopher Craig. Christopher Craig and Derek Bentley were both at the scene when Christopher fired the fatal shot at the PC, due to Christopher’s age he was given a lenient sentence and escaped the death sentence.  

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The trial began at the Old Bailey on Thursday the 9th of December 1952 before the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Goddard. Both Craig and Bentley pleaded not guilty.

The case against Derek Bentley relied on three main pieces of evidence.  The phrase "Let him have it, Chris". The meaning of these words were not conclusive as some believed Bentley meant for Craig to give the revolver to the police man, or as tried against him it was evidence stating he encouraged Craig to shoot.

Whether or not Bentley was actually under arrest at the time of the ...

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