Describe The Roles Of Barrister And Solicitor In The British Legal System.

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Lawyers may be called to the Bar or admitted as solicitors. Do you perceive any deficiencies in the

way in which lawyers obtain professional qualifications? To what extent have recent years seen an

overlap between the two professions? [25]

Assess critically whether the existence of a divided legal profession can still be justified. Does the

present system present any problems for a student wishing to embark on a legal career?

‘The job of a barrister and a solicitor within the English Legal System is essentially the same.’

 Discuss the truth of this statement. [25]

In most countries there is a single legal profession. Individual lawyers may choose to specialize in any areas of their expertise. However, in England and Wales, the professions of barrister and solicitor are separate and the work is different. It is not possible to belong to both branches of the legal profession, but it is possible for a barrister to retrain and become a solicitor and vice versa. However this with is may be a disadvantage in terms of time wasted without income and a fresh start on the bottom of a new professional ladder. Hence, there is a high demand of a fused legal profession, however it is never implemented.

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The work of both professions are different. Barristers in private practice usually deals with preparation of opinions, drafting of pleadings, and the presentation of cases in court. They are not permitted to do tasks normally performed by solicitors. Barrister had a right of audience in any civil and criminal courts.  Barristers were immune from any action for negligence however this was removed.

Solicitors in private practice deal with the public directly and may do work ranging from conveyancing, divorce and family matters, execution of wills etc.

They are usually paid a negotiated fee per case, though a lengthy trial ...

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