Discuss the extent to which the law on omissions offers protection to those who need it whilst sending a strong deterrent message in the right circumstances

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Omissions is a type of crime where the law punishes the defendant for not acting in a situation where they should have. The first area of omissions is the area of contractual duties and this is where the defendant had not done something that was in their contract to do which means that they broke the law under omissions. THe first case that shows this is the case of Pittwood and this is where the defendant was in charge
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of a railway gate and left it open while they went for their break which resulted in the death of a victim. The defendant was liable by omission for manslaughter as it was their contractual duty to close the gate and make sure that nobody is hurt. This sends a strong deterrent message to other operators as it means that they are less likely to leave their post. The next case that shows omissions is the case of Adomako and this is where the defendant was meant to check the oxygen tube of the victim to make sure it stayed ...

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