Law and morality

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Law and morals

Morals are beliefs and values, which are shared by a certain, section a society. The moral standards of a community are recognised as having a major and significant influence on the development of law. Descriptive morality does not explain why anything should be considered immoral, only how it is classified as such. While for the most part immoral acts are classified as such because they cause harm in anyway, be it phsyical or emotional. Morals are whimsically created and subjectively defined by a number of factors, such as:

  • Society
  • Religion
  • Individual conscience
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However, in more complex societies, morality and law are never expected to be coextensive.

Examples of morally wrong behaviour are:

  • Adultery – although it is considered by the most of society to be morally wrong. Adultery is not illegal by British law. Although, it is illegal in many places, including various states in America.
  • Abortion – again, this, in wide-spread society is considered morally wrong but under strict guidelines and as long as the guidelines are followed it is not illegal to terminate the baby.

Examples of legally wrong acts are:

  • Parking offences ...

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