Law and Morality

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                                        Law & Morality

Question: - To what Extent does law & morality overlap?

Ans: - This question requires the discussion whether law & morality; the two important social Factors overlaps or not & if they do to what extent.

Law is the body of the official rules & regulations generally found in constitution legislations etc & are used to govern a society; to control the behavior of its members. Law is in short, a formal mechanism of social control.  

Professor Ilant defined law as a system of rules, a union of primary & secondary rules.

Whereas, morality is almost an entirely different aspect the quality of begin moral is conforming to standards & principles. It is a religious code of conduct & perhaps the act of conscience.

Law is viewed into two broad terms the Naturalist view & the positivist view.

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Natural Law holds that Law & morality are connected law is not simply. What is enact in statutes & if legislation is not moral. There is not law & has or authority.

ST.Thomas Aquinas termed law (under the natural law theory) such as,

“Nothing else than an ordinance of reason for the common good made by him who has a care of the community  promulgated.”

Positivism emphasizes the separation of law & morality legal positivism regarded law as a system of clearly defined rules, posited by the legislature.

When law & morality is compared in large scall a various differences ...

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