Law - Discribe the British Jury System.

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To be eligible for jury service a person must be aged between 18/70 and be registered to vote on the electoral register as se out in the juries Act 1974, as amended by Criminal Justice Act of 1988.

However some people, who qualify under the criteria above, are still not allowed to serve on a jury, because they are disqualified or ineligible for some other reason. Some criminal convictions will disqualify you from serving on a jury, the length of time of disqualification depending on the sentence given.

In addition, the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has disqualified those on bail from sitting as jurors.

People suffering from certain mental illness people whose occupations are concerned with the administration of justice or who have been so employed within the last 10 years; this is a wide group as it includes judges, court clerks, Barristers, solicitors and polices, priest, monks and nuns as they could have a biased view.

Apart from these group there are also people who have the right to refuse to do jury service; they are ‘excusable as of right’ this group includes:

Members of Parliament, those serving in the armed forces, doctors, nurses and pharmacist anyone aged 65 to 70, anyone who has done jury service within the last years.

Jurors are now always selected by computers at a central summoning bureau jurors are selected from computerised list of the electoral registers for each area this bureau works with the courts.

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Juries are not used in the magistrate’s courts, the sworn duty of the jury is to faithfully try the defendant and give a true verdict according to the evidence’.

The defendant has a right of challenge to the array of jurors or to individual jurors, those jurors objected to will asked to stand down and others will be empanelled to take their place.

In most crown courts there will be several court rooms, each with a different case going on, whenever a new trail starts, the first thing that happeneds is that the defendant is asked whether he pleads guilty ...

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