Opening statement prosecution Yorktown v.s Vasques

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                                                                          Victoria Borges

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                                                                   “OPENING STATEMENT: prosecutor”

May it please the court, and the opposing counsel. My name is           and I am the prosecutor of this court. I also represent for the people of Yorktown. These people deserve to be aware of what’s right and what’s right is that Mrs. Vazquez should be in prison for murder in the second degree.

On September 24, 2004 Mrs. Vasquez stabbed her own husband and because of this he is now dead. When the authorities arrived the male child led Officer Francis to the kitchen, where the crime was committed. The paramedics discover that the victim of this murder was stabbed nine times.

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The officer who saw this tragedy will be one of our witnesses in this trial today.

A few other witnesses I should mention would be Mellissa Jenkins whom is the shelter owner that Karin stayed in. Her sister whom Mrs. Vasques said nagged too much, and because of something this small Mrs. Vasques was foolish enough to not stay there. Finally the defendant; Mrs. Vasquez, will be our witness for today also.

This case is yet still undisputed that Mrs. Vasquez did truly mean to commit this crime. However the dispute isn’t weather she killed her husband. ...

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