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Opening statement prosecution Yorktown v.s Vasques

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Victoria Borges NJLEEP Inc. "OPENING STATEMENT: prosecutor" May it please the court, and the opposing counsel. My name is and I am the prosecutor of this court. I also represent for the people of Yorktown. These people deserve to be aware of what's right and what's right is that Mrs. Vazquez should be in prison for murder in the second degree. On September 24, 2004 Mrs. Vasquez stabbed her own husband and because of this he is now dead. When the authorities arrived the male child led Officer Francis to the kitchen, where the crime was committed. The paramedics discover that the victim of this murder was stabbed nine times. The officer who saw this tragedy will be one of our witnesses in this trial today. A few other witnesses I should mention would be Mellissa Jenkins whom is the shelter owner that Karin stayed in. ...read more.


Instead she appeared to be more angry then terrified. Mrs. Vasquez was welcome to stay, however there was a time limit of four days. There wasn't much space at the shelter. Melissa has appointed another place for Karin but Mrs. Vasquez pleaded for her to stay a bit longer. Melissa asked her if she had any other relative to stay at. Karin told her about her sister but that she constantly nagged her. How is nagging such a harsh situation? Now a life of a husband is gone because of nagging? Mrs. Vasquez even said herself that she would rather not call for help. How would she not rather call for help if her children's life is supposedly on the line? The morning Karin was supposed to leave Melissa claimed that she acted quite funny, funny as in happy? Once she got Karin to say what she had too she told Melissa that she talked to Orlando and he said "everything is all right". ...read more.


Also the knife was still placed in the chest of the husband. Both the night gown and the knife will be used as evidence that she committed this crime in this trail today Mrs. Vasquez told nothing about being beaten to the officer and only saw a few bruises on her face nothing critical when she claims that her beating was critical. She clearly explains her beating in her affidavit. Conclusion: Your honor, we summit that the evidence will show clearly that Karin Vasques did truly commit this crime. She should be sentenced to prison charged with murder. Justice should be served and I believe it will be. But of course this decision would not be up to me but up to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury, and most of all, the judge. Make that decision, make our society a safe one, and put those who commit crimes into their place no matter what excuse they have. Thank you. ...read more.

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