Qualifying either as a Barrister or a Solicitor Exam

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Qualifying either as a Barrister or a Solicitor Exam

1a). The organisation responsible for the training and discipline of barristers is called the Bar Council.

For someone currently studying for A Levels, can qualify as a Barrister via one of the following routes:

Route number 1 to becoming a barrister;

  1. Law Degree.
  2. Bar Vocational Course. This is a one-year course organised and monitored by the Bar Council, focusing on skills needed when the law student becomes a barrister.
  3. Pupils join one of the four Inns of Court in London. This is an opportunity to meet, socialise with and make connections with more experienced barristers.
  4. The student is then called to the Bar, which means they are qualified as a barrister.
  5. Before they can appear in court, however, they must find a place to become a pupil to an experienced barrister. This involves two separate sixth-month periods and is called pupillage. Normally for the first six months the pupil barrister shadows a barrister and during the next six months may represent clients in court.
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Route number 2 in becoming a barrister;

  1. Student has a degree in a subject other than law.
  2. Common Professional Examination: this is a one-year conversion.
  3. Steps 2-5 of route number 1.

The financial realities of a barrister’s life can cause problems. Many students leave undergraduate degree courses with considerable debt. Fees are normally a long time in coming to the newly established barrister.

1b). Most of the work of a solicitor involves giving advice to clients and carrying out administrative tasks, including conveyancing (dealing with the legal requirements of buying and ...

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