Statutory Interpretation

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3LS Assignment Statutory Interpretation 2711651 1st YEAR Word count: 951 There are always arguments in court which are about the interpretation of a text and judges have to decide what the right interpretation is. Therefore, everyone should be agreed on this fact the interpretation is a key part of legal practice, whether in common law countries or not. It is an offence to wear yellow stockings in a public place In the first scenario, Beatrice was using yellow stockings as a scarf, wrapping them round her neck, in the High Street. While judge will try to  interpret this scenario he might required to give the clear definition of the term ‘public place’.   The legal meaning of public place is given in the Criminal justice Act 1988 section 139(7) and his act provided that “public place” includes any highway other premises or place to which at the material time the public have or are permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise. This is considered as intrinsic aids to interpretation. Therefore,  high street is undoubtedly a public place. In the purpose of indentifying the meaning of
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‘stockings’ judge can look into dictionaries which is considered as extrinsic aids to interpretation. However, If judge consider R v Judge of the City of London Court (1892) then judge should reached on the decision that  if words are clear, they must be applied even though intention of legislator may have been different and result harsh and undesirable(Barak). According to this, judge could reached on this decision that  Beatrice has committed an offence.In this scenario, Beatrice was wearing one yellow stocking and one red stocking in the High Street. The legal meaning of ‘public place’  is given in justice Act ...

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