Strength of the Jury System

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Jury strengths

Jury refers to the presence of 12 persons, randomly selected into the trial procedure to be arbiters of the fact, strengthens the legal system.

The role of juries are to decide on matters of fact whereas judges decide on the matters on law. In Criminal Cases, the judge would decide on the verdict, whereas juries would decide on the sentence. In Civil cases, judge would decide on the sentence and juries would decide on the amount of damages. As they do not have legal knowledge a judge would assist them and direct them. Juries are not used in complex cases or where there is a risk of jury tempering, this is stated in the Criminal Justice Act 2003. zl

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Juries are randomly selected in the Blackfriairs crown Court. They decide on cases based on their understanding of the law and assimilating factual evidence.

Juries come from all walks of life as their qualifications are broad. The only qualification is for them to be 18 to 70 years old, live in the Channel Island, Isle of Man, Uk, since 13 for 5 years. This allows them to come from a wide representative of the society, as opposed to the judges who comes from the upper classes. Thus verdicts can be said to be of the society rather than the judicial ...

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