The Three Penny Opera: Plot and Subplot.

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Drama Coursework _                                                Katherine Hall

The ThreePenny Opera: Plot and Subplot

Act One Scene One: The plot begins in Mr Peachums business ‘The Beggar’s friend Ltd’. A place where he is employing people as beggars to try and make him money. It shows his illegal actions and unfairness to the beggars. The Subplot shows that Mr and Mrs Peachum did not marry for love. This is conveyed in the ‘No they can’t’ song. The song is about thinking you’re in love and it getting you into trouble and about young people not really understanding what marriage is all about: ‘its fun they want SO they end up on their arses in the shit/’ Mr Peachum is more interested in his finances than any relationships.

Act One Scene Two: The Plot is about Mac and Polly’s wedding in a stable in Soho. We are introduced to the idea of Mac having a gang. It also begins to show Macs relationship with Jackie/Tiger Brown. Polly is not pleased with Macs attitude to breaking into other people’s property. The Subplot shows a power struggle between Jake and Matthew. They both try to impress Mac, they often do this by overriding each other but they are often clearly scared of Mac, especially when he gets angry.

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Act One Scene Three: The plot is about Mr and Mrs Peachums anger at finding out that their only daughter has secretly married the local gangster. They are upset because Polly will not be able support them financially. ‘If I give away my daughter, the sole prop of my old age, why, my house will cave in and my last dog will run off.’ The subplot shows that again Mr Peachum is only interested in money and not any emotional attachments. It leads us to the conclusion that Peachum dislikes Mac; it is the beginning of another power struggle ...

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