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AS and A Level: Decision Mathematics

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  1. Critical Path Analysis

    The activities to complete the job are * Collect the building materials * Prepare the garage roof for building upon * Build the bedroom walls * Fit the bedroom window * Add the roof * Collect the interior furnishings * Fit the electrics * Plaster the walls * Lay down the carpet * Order the interior wallpaper and paint (which includes delivery time to the store and 1 hour for collection) * Paper the walls * Paint the ceiling * Construct the cupboards * Construct the wardrobes * Construct the bed * Add the furniture * Add the final features to the bedroom (curtains, television etc.)

    • Word count: 1328
  2. Critical Path Analysis: Redecorating a room.

    * All workers are able to swap around and do each others tasks freely without any additional training required * No worker can multitask The first task is to list the activities that will be carried out as the room is redecorated from start to finish. Once the activities have been identified it I will put them in order of their precedence in a table. In the table I will also list the number of workers needed for each task and the duration of each task.

    • Word count: 3407
  3. Critical Path Analysis.

    I am deciding to allocate 'get ingredients' to merely collecting of ingredients in the kitchen and not the buying. I feel that this is unnecessary for this project and the time spent in doing this (1 hour minimum) will not be in relation to the rest of the project. All times are from a recipe book and activities such as 'get ingredients', 'serve dish', 'serve apple pie', 'eat and clean away' were estimations through past cooking experiences. PRECEDENCE TABLE Activities Precedence Time (mins) A Get ingredients - 5 B Preheat oven - 10 C Get pan - 0.5 D Boil water in kettle - 2 E Put water in pan A,C,D 0.5 F Cook pasta shells E 9 G

    • Word count: 1947
  4. Case of Doubled screen Maths Investigation

    A MORE GENERAL CASE IS DISSUSED BELOW: .................................. .................................. d/2 X1 X3 X5 X7 X9 Xn-1 d/2 X2 X4 X6 X8 X10 Xn ............................... ............................... The size of First two slits is "d/2" & distance between the slits is "D'. Now a monochromatic source of light is emitted having wavelength ????. Obviously the light rays from the slits would interfere & From "MAXIMAS" & "MINIMAS" .Now we choose A1th and A2th "MAXIMA" on screen &, make holes on the places it was formed so that "LIGHT RAYS" can pass through that points we carry on in this way till the nth "MAXIMA" .

    • Word count: 1357
  5. To Study an Impact on Indias Top B-Schools Performance by Section-wise Placement by ANOVA ANALYSIS

    According to Elder and Sneed (2011), ?The workload of b-school faculty primarily consists of teaching, research, and service. One aspect of the service function involves helping students find employment in their profession upon completing their degree. Faculty members are often very influential in helping students enter a profession through professional contacts and relationships with former students. A big and major crucial feature of top business schools is that they are made up of a number of nested systems. In analytical terms, this can also be described as levels or units.

    • Word count: 1643

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