Investigate the relationship between height and weight and how it changes between gender and year

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Statistics Math’s Coursework


I am going to investigate the relationship between height and weight and how it changes between gender and year. I chose this hypothesis because it seems to be the most interesting to study. My expected result will be clear and will show a strong relationship     between height and weight in year groups and gender. To prove my hypothesis I will use tables such as box and whisker diagrams and use various methods to pick my data randomly to show it doesn’t have biased results.

I will have to use secondary data the advantages I have are that I will not waste time as I would have if I collected it myself but the disadvantage is that the data might be unreliable. To get the sample of 10% I will have to use random sampling and stratified sampling. 10% of all the data is 118 also I deed a total of 118 students.

Yr 7 males

151 1183 x 118 = 15

Yr 7 females

131 1183 x 118 = 13

Yr 8 males

145 1183 x 118 = 14

Yr 8 female

125 1183 x 118 = 12

Yr 9 male

118 1183 x 118 = 12

Yr 9 female

143 1183 x 118 = 14

Year 7 male

Year 7 female


Year 8 male


Year 8 female


Year 9 male


Year 9 female


All years Male and Female


Correlation Coefficient


My correlation coefficient is 0.525854261

The Main Study

My Hypothesis is that boys are taller and heavier then girls and the difference between boys and girls will increase as the students get older.

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I have chosen a random sample from 7 of the groups I have picked 30 students from each randomly and my results are as below

Years 7 Females


Year 7 males


Year 8 Females


Year 8 Males


Year 9 Females


Year 9 Males



To make sure my data is reliable I will test for anomalies to do this I will use the interquartile range and find ...

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