linear correlation

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                                - Introduction -

In this I will have to investigate graphs of function and how their shape and position change the coefficient of the functions. I will have to describe what is going on in the table of graphs and I will write a conclusion that is reasonable.

The software I could use is MathCad or Microsoft Excel; I have decided to use Microsoft Excel because I don’t have MathCad software.

The investigation would be divided into four parts as I am going to show you:

Linear Graph- the equation I will use is f(x)=mx+c

For this I will have to select my own values for m and c and I will have to discuss the out come of my answer and I will have to describe what I can see.

Quadratic equation the equations would be f(x)= ax2+bx+c

This is roughly the same as the first part but I will have to change one value in this one and then I will have to describe what I could see.

Cubic equation= equation would be f(x)= ax3+bx2+cx+d

I will be able to change A and d if I want I wouldn’t be able to change b and c because that has to kept the same.

Reciprocal graphs equation would be f(x)  a/x

In this part I will have to divide x by a, a would be the same number and x will change.

Out of all these formula I am looking at graph to see what is difference if I change a number or symbol e.g. plus I change it to a minus etc.

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- What am I going to do -

Aim:  investigate the functions in the graph also talk about shapes and the positions that has coefficients in the function.  Then I would describe what has happened in the graph.

What I am going to do?

I would choose an x for a number and I would choose number for a, b, c, d if need so I can work on different graphs.

The function that I would be ...

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