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Maths Cars coursework Plan

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Used Car prices


        The data base contains information about some used cars. I will be using the information to investigate what influences and affects the price of second hand cars. I will be investigating the price, age, and mileage of the cars. Also I will choose three types of cars and compare their prices. The types of cars are: small cars, executive cars and sports cars. I will need to collect data on these cars and then I am going to compare their ages using comparative pie charts. To do this I will need to make sure the pie charts areas have the same ratio as their totals. For that I have to choose the radius for the

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  1. stratified sample: age, price
  2. small cars: age, price
  3. executive cars: age, price
  4. sports cars: age, price
  5. stratified sample: mileage, price
  6. small cars: mileage, price
  7. executive cars: mileage, price
  8. sports cars: mileage, price

I will draw lines of best fit on each scatter graph, working out mean first. I will work out spearman’s coefficient of rank correlation for each scatter graph. I will use y = mx + c to work out equations of line of best fit. I will use the lines of best fit to predict prices given age or mileage for each type of car that I have chosen. I will intercept the meaning of gradient and use it to compare depreciations. I will work out mean price and range for each type of car and set out in a table together for easy comparison.

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ass="c16" colspan="1" rowspan="1">



And cumulative frequency table:

Up to

Sports cars cumulative frequency

Small cars cumulative frequency

Medium cars cumulative frequency




Next I will plot cumulative frequency graphs on one graph paper (using different colours) and find quartiles Q1, Q2, Q3 for each type of car. I will then draw box and whisker diagrams using different colours against one scale. Then I will make comparisons of prices using medians and by using interquartile ranges. Then finally I will compare the distribution of prices of small, executive and sports cars using histograms with unequal intervals.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Probability & Statistics section.

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