Telepathy Maths Investigation

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Telepathy Maths Investigation


I will take a card from a set of specifically designed cards and will look at it, not letting anyone else see the image on the card. Another person will then state what card they think it is, and I will record whether they are correct or not in their guess.

Each person will try to receive the images of 10 randomly chosen cards, hopefully, a large enough number of tests to determine whether the subject has any telepathic abilities. I have assigned each card with a set of numbers. Random numbers will then be generated on a calculator for each test, to ensure that every card is picked at random, making sure that each event is independent, as the distribution model requires.

The aim of this investigation is to analyse the results of telepathy tests run on a selection of people to determine whether I, as the sender, possess any telepathic powers. These results could be used as a representative sample of other similar people.

The people I am targeting to run these telepathy tests on are young adults aged 16-19, from New College. These people are similar in age and have been assumed to be of the same intelligence, so the results for each every person should remain constant, relative to the level of my telepathic ability.
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The sample size will be 20 people large, as this should be enough to see if I possess any telepathic powers. If any of the results were larger than the others, then this would suggest telepathic ability of that particular receiver rather than me, the sender. If this is implied, then this sample size should also be large enough to show if further investigation into this group of society would be of use.

This investigation will try to determine whether I can send telepathic messages to anyone in the sample. This means that the telepathic receiving ...

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