The Bomb Calorimeter

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The Bomb Calorimeter

What is it used for?

The bomb calorimeter is used to determine the HV (heating value) of a solid or liquid fuel by burning the sample and transferring the heat produced into a known mass of water.  From the mass of the fuel and the temperature rise of the water, we can calculate the HV of the sample.

How does it work?

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•The sample is placed in the sample cup

•The ignition wires are placed in contact with the sample

•An oxygen cylinder is connected to the bomb

•The precision thermometer and stirrer are fixed in place

•Exactly 2000cm³ of distilled water is placed into the container

•The container is sealed

•A large current is passed through the sample

Why is the Bomb Calorimeter so accurate?

1.        Exactly 2000cm³ of distilled water is used in the calorimeter compared with the inaccurate measuring of 50cm³ in our experiment

2.        The calorimeter allows precision thermometers and/or thermocouples to be used which accurately record the ...

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