A brief for an awareness campaign

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                Alia Elbedewi 12C

Media Brief


For my project, I have chosen to create an awareness campaign, about child abuse, which can come under the marketing and advertising part of the course. My campaign is going to be mainly focused on sexual abuse, as it is quite a sensitive topic and not many people choose to do it. I am aware that it is going to be challenging, and that I would have to use some very effective techniques in order to give out the right message. The main aim is to educate people and inform them about what is going on in the world, as well as marketing for the charity organisation. These are very covert marketing techniques, as it is quite subtle and focused on the organisation’s activities rather than the organisation itself.

The project is going to be consisted of 4 posters that could be used in either magazine pages or on billboards. They will all have the same layout as well as the same idea, to make it as simple as possible for readers yet effective. Enigma will play a big role in my posters, as they will all be linked, as if it is like a series of pages and they all complete each other. By looking at advertisements by organisations such as NSPCC, I have realised that the use of dull and dark colours are very common, same as the close up shots. However, my use of innovative ideas will make the campaign more appealing, and the enigmatic factors will attract many readers. I will use the idea of including a child’s picture in the poster, however unlike the others I will use as much bright colours as I possibly can, that will then be contrasted with the background.

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The main background is going to be an old diary opened, in quite gloomy and dark colours. The wordings “dear diary…” are going to be used on the first three posters. The diary connotes that it is real life events, and just like how the book is opened, a person is opening their life for us to look at and go into it. Diaries are usually symbols of truth, as they are very secretive and owned by one person, so the fact that it is the main background connotes that the organisation is very honest about its activities, and ...

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