A Brief History of Coopers. 2

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Introduction to Marketing

Assessment 1 – Coopers Brewery

Natalie Frey (0755031)  

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A Brief History of Coopers        

Environmental Scan        

S.W.O.T Analysis        

Major Threat Identification        

Major Opportunity Identification        

How is marketing used by this company?        

How suited to the Australian market is Coopers Brewery?        

A Brief History of Coopers

The name Coopers is synonymous with South Australia and, in the opinion of many Australians, it is also synonymous with phrases such as “great-tasting beer” and “family owned”. In 1862, many South Australian colonials came to appreciate the taste of Thomas Cooper’s Best Extra Stout and Sparkling Ale. Thomas had originally brewed these beverages to give to his ill wife for medicinal purposes.  In 1881 however, due to his brew’s rapidly increasing popularity, Thomas opened his first brewery at Leabrook in S.A.  Coopers have since come to be regarded as a very distinctive brewery. Years after the death of Thomas Cooper, his company and its legacy have been handed down from generation to generation.  In the present day, 140 years since the creation of the Coopers brand, it is the last family-owned and operated brewery in Australia.

In 1997, the company decided that brewing operations at Leabrook could not keep up with the growth and expansion of the Coopers brand.  The year 2001 saw the $40 million upgrade of the Coopers brewery at Leabrook to the newer, larger and more sustainable site at Regency Park. Despite rapid growth and development of the Coopers brand, the company and its employees have never denied Thomas Cooper his vision of ‘value and quality for the appreciative public’. Bill Cooper, a significant member of the Coopers family, was responsible for the first marketing efforts promoting Coopers’ products on both national and international levels.  According to Rix (2005) “Marketing is a system of business activities aimed at achieving organisational goals by developing, pricing, distributing, and promoting products, services and ideas that will satisfy customers’ wants”.  However in a simplified definition Rix (2005) defines marketing as, “any exchange activity intended to satisfy human wants”.

Environmental Scan

The following is an examination of the seven external macro-environments that affect Coopers Brewery’s marketing system.


Legal influences such as marketing-related legislation, influence how and when Coopers can market their products to the public.  Factors such as monetary and fiscal policies, government relationships with individual industries are influencing Coopers’ products in that they control the advertising and marketing standards.

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Economic factors affecting Coopers include:

  • Consumer behaviour. Consumer confidence is related to the business cycle of prosperity, recession, recovery and return to prosperity.
  • Where their market is - they must be targeting people who have money to spend, and are willing to spend it.
  • Inflation and interest rates will also affect the way Coopers market their products.

These factors influence Coopers’ products because without a market to sell their products they cannot make any profit.


Many social and cultural issues are presently influencing the Coopers brand, namely the emphasis on quality of life.  Consumers are ...

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