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Choosing one of the story strands from the film Crash, analyse the methods the director uses to convey r****t attitudes.

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'Choosing one of the story strands from the film Crash, analyse the methods the director uses to convey r****t attitudes.' Laypeople sometimes confuse the director with the producer. This is understandable since they are both "bosses" of the film, and indeed their jobs can often overlap. The difference is that the producer is usually responsible for overseeing the entire project, including finance and budgets, hiring staff, managing logistics, etc. The director is more responsible for the creative aspects. The director is usually hired by and answerable to the producer. How much authority is given to the director depends on many factors, most notably the director's experience and reputation. A first-time director might be given specific instructions on how the film is to be made, but an acclaimed Hollywood director is likely to be given full creative control. The director of Crash, Paul Haggis, takes on certain duties of the producer. He even did both jobs and was credited as producer/director. This tends to happen at both the bottom end of the budget scale (where many jobs are shared) and the top end (where some directors are given total control). Directors may or may not be involved in the editing. ...read more.


My story strand; The Mexican Locksmith, is split up into four parts in the film. The first part is called 'Invincible and impermeable' where Daniel comforts his daughter who is under her bed scared about a gun shot that happens close to his home. Both Daniel and his daughter have a relaxed posture Daniel lays down beside her. Daniel and his daughter talk to each other in a relaxed and quite tone of voice and to make the scene seem even more relaxed the lighting is dim, projected through the bed sheets and there is a slow ambient music in the background. In this scene the director has placed the camera close to the actor's faces to highlight their facial expressions. The second part is called 'Locked and Loaded' Daniel is called out to a customer called Farhad, Farhad asks Daniel to fix his lock on his door but Daniel tries to explain that the main problem is the door, Here the director shows that Farhad becomes prejudice to Daniel because of his looks and accent, thinking he is being cheated kicks off an argument. The posture and tone of voice in this scene is the complete opposite to the last. ...read more.


Astonished nobody was hurt, Daniel runs inside with his daughter and Farhad is stood astonished and motionless. In conclusion my view on this story stand has a very strong moral message and it simply to not judge someone due to how there appearances. Farhad judges Daniel to be some kind of crook or gangster due to how he clothes himself, his accent and his nationality. Later on in the story stand we find out that he is a nice person and all he wants is the best for his family. There isn't much of a sense of closure, after the climax both families go back to living their lives although Farhad will think twice before taking action in the most unsuitable way again. The questions on my mind that the director has left me are: did Dorri (Farhad's Daughter) ever tell Farhad that the bullets in his gun were blanks and will Daniel ever know why anyone wasn't hurt. I chose this scene because personally I think it is the most interesting and a believable story in the film, also the irony in this story is very appealing and a favourite of mine. The director has tried to make this film as realistic and transparent as possible and in my eyes he has succeeded. ?? ?? ?? ?? 25 April 2010 Jack Arran - 1 - ...read more.

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