A comparative analysis of 'The Sun' a tabloid newspaper and 'The Guardian' a broadsheet newspaper.

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Media assignment:

Newspapers are a form of communication and words and photographs can be used very powerfully.  New stories attract your attention and styles of writing / reporting is used as an effective device.  The media use these devices each and every day.

An article they have read in a newspaper has at sometime influenced everyone. However, it is important that you realise you are being influenced and how this is being achieved. Just by purchasing either ‘The Sun’ or ‘The Guardian’ to read is the most influential decision you do!

This media assignment is a comparative analysis of ‘The Sun’ a tabloid newspaper and ‘The Guardian’ a broadsheet newspaper. The front pages will be compared, as will be a news story and also the editorials from both editions.

Front Page

‘The Sun’ Tuesday, March 18 2003.

‘The Guardian’ Tuesday, March 18 2003.

The visual presentation in both front pages of ‘The Sun’ and ‘The Guardian’ play a very important role. ‘The Sun’ has used the front page as a presentational device; this is representative of the journalism in ‘The Sun’. The whole of the front page is dedicated to the image of a group of soldiers in action; with the headline ‘Green light for War’ which is echoed by the whole of the front page tinted in green, which is the apparent view through a soldiers night vision binoculars. This relates well to the article itself; it communicates to its readers without having to first read the text. The use of the colour green and the headline Green light…’ is almost a metaphor; it suggests to the reader that war is forth coming and at hand. These are stylistic choices made to appeal to readers and are eye-catching. Also the main information needed is contained within the headline.

Within the text on ‘The Suns’ front-page one sentence is represented as one paragraph this is to allow the readers eye to travel to points and draw the image and the text together. The style of writing adopted has a bearing on the theatrical; In the ghostly green light……….stealthily towards’ plus the use of bold text adds to the effect. The structures of the sentences are very simple, abstract and condensed easy for the reader to digest. The tone of the piece is informal, a technique to make it easier for the assumed audience to read.

In contrast to ‘The Suns’ front page ‘The Guardian’ has many glaring differences between the two. ‘The Guardian’ uses much more information throughout. By comparison the images used in ‘The Guardian’ of Robin Cook MP and President Bush are also important national and international events as Bush is seen looking very solemn and serious seated at his desk. It seems that ‘The Guardian’ is trying to strike a chord with the reader by including above the photograph of Bush a sub heading; Bush throws down gauntlet to Saddam: Go into exile with your top men or face massive invasion’.  Whilst not overdoing it to seem patronising, a well-fixed balance seems to have been found – the image reflects the sub heading. The photograph of Robin Cook and sub heading balances out the layout of the front page it looks neat and methodical.

Join now!

‘The Guardians’ choice of text and language differs greatly to ‘The Sun’ the style is also abstract but uses literary angle History will be astonished at the diplomatic miscalculations’. This indicates that the people who read this newspaper have a higher level of education, as this paper is more difficult to understand. ‘The Guardian’ uses long, complex sentences this once again indicates a reasonable level of intelligence expected from the readership.

Statistics are used in ‘The Guardian’ to prove several points this is used as evidence for the sub heading ‘ Support for attack jumps, but opposition still in majority.’ ...

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