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A report into how ICT has had an impact on an individuals working and personnel life.

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A report into how ICT has had an impact on an individuals working and personnel life For this report I decided to ask my mum how her life has changed since computers became involved daily in life. I wrote 10 questions each with questions incorporated to get a wide view on how it has had had an impact on her life. I asked my mum 'when did you first use a computer, and was it at the workplace or at home?' she answered 'I first used a computer at work because it was part of my new job' I then asked if she went on a course to help learn new skills and did she find it useful as follow up questions. She replied ' no, I wasn't given the opportunity to go on a course I simply had to teach myself it would have been a lot better if I had been on a course though. I then wanted to find out if she was comfortable about using ICT and if she was confident with it. ...read more.


she replied 'I believe health and safety is very important and my workplace feels the same and are keen to address and problems'. I then wanted to know 'if any health and safety issues affected her personally on an everyday basis and what was done about them?' she replied ' no I don't have any they affect me on a day to day basis' Next I wanted to know how ICT helped her at home if it did at all. I wanted to know how often a computer was used for and how frequently if one was owned. I asked 'do you have a computer at home? Do you use it frequently? What do you use it for? And how long do you use it each night on average? My mum answered 'I do have a family computer at home and my own laptop however I rarely use them at home because I have too many family commitments'. ...read more.


I wanted to know if my mum was aware of anti -virus programs and firewalls and if she herself had them to protect her. She replied 'yes I have a anti-virus and yes I have heard of firewalls but I currently don't have one. My conclusions to this report are that my mum has only recently started using computers and doesn't have an in-depth knowledge of it. She has only recently become confident with using them. She wasn't sent on a course or given any teaching on how to use them. I feel that with this it would have given her a boost and she would have been for fluent with using them. I feel younger people are pushing computers forward and are teaching older people how to use them and gain benefits from them. Internet shopping is still a problem and my mum is no exception. People still feel un-favourably to internet shopping and feel actually going to the shop is much better. Viruses recently have become publicized a lot and I think most people know about them. ...read more.

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