The Thin Red Line is a film about World War two on an island called Guadalcanal.

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The Thin Red Line

‘The Thin Red Line’ is a film about World War two on an island called Guadalcanal. The American troops have discovered a Japanese air base and have come to the island for war. The movie starts with Jim Caviezel, staring as Private Witt, and a nameless soldier co-operating with the islanders. From there they are found by the American soldiers whilst being on AWOL.

       They are then re-recruited and sent to war.

    I believe that the plot is well put together, fast-paced and has many different representations, which makes the movie brilliant.

    The first ten minutes of the film include many links from image sound and theme. Malick uses these ten minutes to give a visual representation of the calm and tranquil nature of the island before war attempting to make you feel like you are there. He does this with the links of image, sound and theme as it really brings the film ‘to life.’     After the first ten minutes he brings war to the film. This contradicts the former peaceful mood and now turns the ‘oasis of gentle surrounding’ to a more exciting and careful feeling. This is because of the situations where care is needed in the film for example where the Americans need to creep up the hillside, making sure that they are not seen.

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   In the first ten minutes of the film, there are three critical scenes I have chosen, as they all show great links between image, sound and theme. The first scene shows Private Witt’s nameless companion in a medium close up camera shot whilst handling a wild, tropical bird. There is a strong image and theme link here with the man and bird representing a strong relationship between mankind and nature and an even deeper link into equality as the wild bird is interacting with an American soldier, not just the native islanders. Showing us that Terence Malick is ...

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