Advantages & Disadvantages for Different Types & Variety of Media

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Advantages & Disadvantages for Different Types & Variety of Media

One of the most aspects of marketing is advertising. The major aim of advertising is to sell more products, and business spends vast quantity of money on advertising to achieve this goal. By advertising, the business will not only be informing the consumer of the product’s existence and availability, but also deliberately attempting to persuade and lure the consumer to purchase the goods. There are many ways in which business can advertise, they have a variety to choose from, they can even use all the ideas to advertise but would cost a lot of money, and however it will catch the attention of nearly all the audiences around.

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                The first media which companies could choose is the newspapers. Newspapers advertising can also be known as press.  Advertising in the newspapers is factual information that can be presented in a press advertisement and which leaves the readers in charge of how long they take to absorb the information. Cost of advertising depends on the size of the advert.  Whilst advertising in the press there are many advantages and disadvantages to look at:-

               Another type of media is television. Television is the most ...

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