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AS and A Level: Advertisements

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  1. Coca Cola Case Study

    It can sell in a variety of countries rather than just one or two single markets. Second, it can take advantage of brand loyalty to the product name worldwide. This will benefit sales when it launches new products. Third, by producing on a global basis and selling more of its products Coca-Cola is able to benefit from economies of scale. For example, it will be able to exert enormous power over suppliers and retailers through the sheer scale of its buying and selling operations resulting in significant cost advantages. It may also gain from marketing economies, such as in advertising.

    • Word count: 839

    By observing the people I will note down what they look for in a sports shop so that I can find out about the strengths and weaknesses. Marketing: "The procedures for ensuring that the products of a business meet the requirements of the market, that the market is aware of them, and wants to buy them" Source: "Business Studies" by Chris J. Nuttall "Marketing is the interface between customers and suppliers" Source: Mohammed Iqbal (teacher) Market research involves researching the market, the product and the competition.

    • Word count: 3520
  3. Is it the end of TV Commercials?

    Remember, the term broadcasting comes from the sower's action. The sower of seeds would walk through the tilled field throwing seed outwards from a bag of seed worn around the neck and hanging down below the hip. The seed would go whether it was thrown - a pretty random act really as much would fall on stony and infertile ground, much would be eaten by birds and rodents and some, some being the operative word, would put down root and grow.

    • Word count: 528
  4. Tightly targeted advertising boosts Tesco's sales

    It was felt that special offers, which offered real value for money, were the key. Using TV Advertising for Price Promotions Lowes faced a tricky conundrum. They had to produce ads, which would be effective in galvanising secondary shoppers into action, while not displacing 'Dotty' as Tesco's primary ad campaign. Ten second TV executions were chosen, which would run for short periods of one to two weeks, when they were required, across Monday to Friday with a heavier weighting towards the end of the week prior to the heaviest shopping period. A maximum of three OTS was targeted based on evidence from TNS TV Span, which found that those exposed to advertising three times in

    • Word count: 3018
  5. You have been employed as a marketing manager in a newly opened hotel in your country

    Today, however, it represents a useful - if still marginal - element of the communications programme for many consumer goods organisations. Promotion is the communication arm of the marketing mix. Our hotel use various promotional approaches to communicate with target markets (the guests) and the following text will look at the general dimensions of promotion, defining promotion in the context of marketing. Next, to understand how promotion works, the text analyses the meaning and process of communication, as well as the product (our services)

    • Word count: 952
  6. The hotels that are my competitors they use the following techniques for advertising: Some of the hotels advertise in the newspaper. Other hotels such as the Royal Bath advertise in magazines.

    o They advertise themselves on posters, transports such as side of buses o They also advertise by direct mail such as leaflets, broachers, catalogues. My objective for advertising is: o To create awareness amongst customers. o Because I have a lot of competitors I will want to show people the uniqueness of renting out our venue and the special things that come with it. o To maximise repeat purchase of my service. o o To encourage potential customers at B.I.C to come and try our new service.

    • Word count: 2252
  7. Fitness first are opening a new branch in the Woolwich area, they want to attract a large number of the new members who are prepared to sign a one-year contract. The club is aiming to have similar numbers of men and women

    Brand Promise Support Fitness First is the largest health club operator in the UK and Europe, with almost 400 clubs and over 1 million members worldwide. We offer everyone the opportunity to improve their health, fitness and have fun at the same time. Fitness First is about two simple things: 1) Your personal fitness, first and foremost, and 2) encouraging our members and local communities to put fitness higher on their lifestyle priority lists. Joining our gym will guarantee this.

    • Word count: 1191
  8. A Brief History of Coopers. 2

    In 1997, the company decided that brewing operations at Leabrook could not keep up with the growth and expansion of the Coopers brand. The year 2001 saw the $40 million upgrade of the Coopers brewery at Leabrook to the newer, larger and more sustainable site at Regency Park. Despite rapid growth and development of the Coopers brand, the company and its employees have never denied Thomas Cooper his vision of 'value and quality for the appreciative public'. Bill Cooper, a significant member of the Coopers family, was responsible for the first marketing efforts promoting Coopers' products on both national and international levels.

    • Word count: 1990
  9. Omnicom case

    The report then examines the success secrets of Omnicom and its expansion into other marketing communication activities other then advertising. The report then concludes by analyzing the changes in the advertising industry and the future of Omnicom. In the end the report then gives brief actionable recommendations with respect to the changes taking place in the advertising industry. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Introduction 5 1.1 Evolution Of Omnicom In The 1980's 5 2.Omnicom Strategies To Become Global Agency 8 3.Success Secrets Of Omnicom 10 4.Changes In 2003 And Future Of Omnicom 12 5.Recommendations For Omnicom To Retain Its Market Leadership 13 6.Sources Of Research 14 1.

    • Word count: 2287
  10. Zeneca's DTC Advertising of Nolvadex

    these issues-------------------------------------------------------8 Irresponsible advertisement from activists' point of view-----9 Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------10 Recommendations for managing the activists' protests--------10 Bibliography------------------------------------------------------12 Zeneca's Direct-To-Consumer Advertising of Nolvadex(r) Introduction Zeneca is largest pharmaceutical and agricultural/industrial chemical company in United States. In 1999 breast cancer was the most frequent diseases were found in American women, about 175,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed and about 43,500 women were died due to the breast cancer. According to the breast cancer prevention trial (BCPT), 45% reduction in breast cancer cases came through the use of Nolvadex.

    • Word count: 2388
  11. Puffery in Advertising

    The concept of puffery generally allows an advertiser to state, without any substantiation, that, for example, its mints give you "ultimate fresh breath" (Breath Savers), or that its beverage is "made from the best stuff on earth" (Snapple) (Feldman, Puffery in Advertising, [Accessed on 2 October, 2005]). Puffery in advertising is going to reduce the credibility of the company. As a result, the company will get triplex aftereffect, lose the customers, and lose the profits and credibility, and waste money for the advertising.

    • Word count: 4072
  12. Advertisement is a public display of a product or an event. It can come in many different forms but can be found almost everywhere in the world. Advertisement comes in all kinds of forms

    Also on your TV, PC or mobile screen you can see moving images of what is being advertised, so you know the quality of the film or item. You can find advertisement anywhere in the world, in things and places like the TV, Internet, mobile phones, radio, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, on other goods, on clothes, on carrier bags, postcards, celebration cards, taxi, trains, planes, car windows, on a CD, on a DVD, on a video, at the cinema, on a film, on a computer game, in a phone booth, in the public toilets, in a food store, in a shopping mall, phone book, airports, train stations, hospitals, banks, video stores, newsagents, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

    • Word count: 1431
  13. Evaluate 'psychographic' segmentation as a basis for effective marketing in the UK car industry

    Main body For marketing to be effective, a competitive advantage must be gained. This is accomplished through successful segmentation in order to enable markets to have a variety of product needs and preferences and to allow customer needs to be better defined. Psychographic segmentation is one type of segmentation technique which we will concentrate on. This type of segmentation divides the market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle and personality. This way of segmenting is an interesting way since it gets into how people think in terms of the activities, interests and opinions (AIO)

    • Word count: 1920
  14. Report on Black Sheep Brewery 's PerformanceCommunication planning to effectively target wholesalers

    strong response it should focus on wholesale market it should focus on effective market communication strategies on large scale instead of covering local markets and pubs. Developing a communications plan takes time and financial resources. But the rewards for planning far outweigh the initial investment. Begin with a broad view of what your firm has to offer and where you want to go. When you've done and your plan has been implemented, you will be able to see the positive influence on the business strength of your firm that a proactive, strategic communications plan can provide.

    • Word count: 2782
  15. Consumer Behaviour

    Marketing has had an influential impact on fast moving consumer goods through abroad range of activities including, promotion, market research, and advertising. Promotion is used to communicate information about goods and services to target market audiences thereby facilitating the exchange process. Promotion plays an important role in informing, educating, persuading and reminding customers. The promotional mix is adjusted according to the organizations promotional objectives and its marketing situation. Generally, in consumer's services, marketing and advertising will be by far the main component and the most expensive.

    • Word count: 2110
  16. Charity Advertisements-Christian Aid & Christian Children's Fund

    Some people may believe that in giving money to the poor, they can move on to a better life when they die. Or if they are poor in their next life, they know there is someone out there who will contribute to them. People contribute money to all charities in the world. Paragraph 3 There are many more charities around the world, not only Christian Aid and Christian Children's Fund. Many others consist of Animal Aid, Animal Shelter, Children in Need, Oxfam, RSPCA, WWF, Cancer Research, The Breast Cancer Fund, Greenpeace Fund, Plant Life, Earth Watch and many, many more.

    • Word count: 2752
  17. The marketing problems that the 'Orchard Country Hotel' have are; it is 3 miles away from Lyme Regis; families are not going to want to stay so far away from the main tourist place, they want to be in the main hustle and bustle of it all

    Opportunities The opportunities are to attract new clientele by using the niche markets available, for example; sailing weekends; guided and non-guided countryside walks; historical weekends; family fun weekends; 50+ weekends and romantic weekends. There is so much history and things to do in and around the area like; literary connections with Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter and local author John Fowles; for the walkers there's Golden Cap, Beer Head and many more coastal and countryside walks and views, fossils and wildlife; for country house's and garden lovers there's Forde Abbey, Mapperton and Abbotsbury; for shoppers there's Lyme Regis, Sidmouth and Honiton, which is renowned for its lace making and many antique shops.

    • Word count: 821
  18. McDonalds Promotional Objectives The companies' main objective is to be the family restaurant that people enjoy more

    They have achieved this to date and are confident that this objective will continue. It is important to please shareholders by financial gains and stability, so that they will continue their investments with McDonalds. * The Brand: Continue to build the relationship between McDonald's and our customers in order to be a genuine part of the fabric of British society. Continual promotion is needed to build sales and image, and creates awareness of the products and the organisation. The following is an Extract taken from McDonalds Marketing Plan which outlines how they try to achieve their promotional objectives How Promotions support McDonalds objectives McDonalds promotions support their objectives by promoting a happy family atmosphere.

    • Word count: 3464
  19. Advertising is no longer solely about selling products; it is about the skill of linking human's desires with merchandise. As technology advances dramatically in recent years, the influence of advertisement

    In the older days, advertising was nothing but introducing and selling products. It was mostly informational. As technology improves, images began to appear on advertising instead of just text. Advertisers realize that human brain process words and images differently. People are more easily influenced by images than words. This is the period when advertising changes from text-based to image-based form. Advertising began to change from simply selling products to provoking human imaginations. Advertising attracts attention from the consumers by creating an idealized dream life. It shapes an image of perfection that links ideally with people's "desires".

    • Word count: 556
  20. How does Amnesty International persuade people to donate money to their organisation through advertising?

    Amnesty International has to use stronger persuasive tactics because they are advertising stronger and more dangerous issues. They are also trying to compete against many other charities which are perhaps more attractive an appealing to the general public, for example, charities dealing with animals or needy children. I am going to focus on an Amnesty International advert which tells about the r**e and torture of a young girl by soldiers in Mexico. The girl was just eighteen years old and her name was Julieta Flores Castillo. The soldiers also arrested her father. As she was arrested she said, "Kill me!

    • Word count: 779
  21. Task2: how professional advertising agencies can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign

    > The budget Setting a budget is very difficult, since there is not an obvious direct link between the promotions and sales. > The time scale of the campaign The advertising may need to be timed to coincide with a particular event or date e.g. New Year's Eve. Functions of advertising agencies Media planning The media team decides where the advertisement should be shown e.g. radio or Television, or space in the magazine or the newspaper. Their aim is to reach the target audience in a cost effective manner and their knowledge of media enables them to do this.

    • Word count: 1806

    (Kotler et al, 2002). A more comprehensive definition of IMC - adapted by Brassington and Pettitt (2005) from Pickton and Broderick( 2001, p.67) is ' a process which involves the management and organization of agents in the analysis, planning and implementation and control of all tools focused at selected target audiences in such a way as to derive the greatest economy, efficiency, effectiveness, enhancement and coherence of marketing communications effort in achieving predetermined product [or service] and corporate objectives. 3.2 Major Communication Tools: a)

    • Word count: 2335
  23. Compare the different types and variety of advertising media that are available to businesses and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

    Television advertising can also engage the viewer's emotions and empathy. A customer can see joy or hurt in someone's eyes, they can hear a voice tinged with the pain of a headache or the pride of a new product and the customer can watch in amazement or in disbelief as a product is demonstrated. The message can also be reinforced by continuous advertisements which could help emphasis the need for the product or create strong awareness for the company or its products. Nevertheless television advertising audiences are more fragmented than ever as the number of channels increases, not to mention alternative uses for TV sets like video games, computer hook-ups and movie rentals.

    • Word count: 1884
  24. I will be analysing two adverts about what message is created through the design and layout of the advert. Barnardo's used different effects to achieve their results

    There are lots of different mediums available to companies for advertising. This could be by television, leaflets, newspapers, Internet, posters, magazines, radio, junk mail or in the cinema. Some of these methods are better than others as they are liable to catch more readers or listeners than others. I will be analysing two adverts about what message is created through the design and layout of the advert. Barnardo's used different effects to achieve their results. The children shown in each advertisement were models and they used the latest technology including image manipulation to transpose the images of children onto the suitable background.

    • Word count: 1593
  25. A general report on advertising, but uses Skoda as an example of some of the advertising principles and advertising campaigns.

    It also has a role in convincing consumers that a product is superior to its competitors. 'Persuasion' is the dominant factor when a firm fears competition from similar products, or wishes to protect or extend its market share. Advertising objectives are specific statements of what is to be achieved by advertising. Breaking this down further, advertising objectives are * To create awareness * To support sales increase * To encourage trial * To inform * To remind * To reassure * To create an image * To modify attitudes It is said that advertising objectives should be SMART; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-based.

    • Word count: 1904

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