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For my product I plan to make an advertising campaign for a perfume which will be called, ‘Virtue by Stephen Charles’. The perfumes I will be advertising are going to be called, ‘Virtue Blue’ and also ‘Virtue Rose’. I am using these names so that it will be easier to differentiate between the male and female versions; this is due to stereotyping; the colour blue is associated with males and rose with females. The perfume is made by ‘Stephen Charles’.  I will be creating three different types of advertisement, including a magazine advert; a billboard and a ‘Myspace’ advertisement banner. I will be making five different adverts, a female magazine advert a male magazine advert and an advert incorporating both the male and female perfume for a magazine. Also, ‘Myspace’ advertisement which is aimed at both males and females; and finally a male and female billboard advertisement.

The module two topic that I have chosen is, advertising and marketing.

Before creating the campaign I have researched into the advertising campaigns of products similar to mine. I researched eight different perfumes, some for male, some for female and some for both. The adverts which I researched are; Coco Mademoiselles by Chanel; The One by Dolce and Gabbana; ckin2u by Calvin Klein; Black XS by Paco Rabanne; black XS for her by Paco Rabanne; Armani Code by Giorgio Armani; Armani Code for her by Giorgio Armani and also Christina by Christina Aguilera.

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After looking at these adverts I noticed that in the majority of the adverts professional models have been used, and in all but two cases these are non-celebrity models. The models tend to have a glamorous edge to them, either in attire or looks. As well as using models the name of the perfume is on the advert, so people know what is being advertised. The perfume bottle itself also tends to be present at bottom left or right of the advert enlarged so that it is prominent and noticed; this may be because a lot of people like ...

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