Advertising and Promotion.

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Advertising and Promotion

Assignment 1

January 2004

Wayne Bailey

Table of Contents

Section 1 – communications industry

Introduction                                                                                  page4


Communications Process                                                                 page5

The role of the various parties in the communications process & their relationship page8

Conclusion                                                                                 page11

References                                                                                page 12

Bibliography                                                                                 page13

Section 2 – current trends

Introduction                                                                                 page15

Current trends         - micro marketing                                                        page16

Current Trends – e commerce                                                                page18

References                                                                                 page19

Bibliography                                                                                 page20

Section 3 – behaviour models

Introduction                                                                                 page22

Behaviour models                                                                         page23

Conclusion                                                                                 page26

References                                                                                 page27

Bibliography                                                                                 page28

Section 1

Communications Industry


Communication plays a major part when it comes to advertising, this booklet explains the communications industry, and it also looks at the roles of the various parties in the industry and their relationship between one another.

Communications Process

Communication is contact between two or more parties, giving information.

The aim of the communications process is to influence buyer behaviour, but before the marketers can influence the consumers they need to know how the communication process works.

 A View of the Communications Process

All marketers send a message to encourage you to buy their product.

                    PRESELLING                                      SELLING

      (How to sell it and how to sell it)           (How to sell it and the way you sell it)

           POST- CONSUMPTION                            CONSUMING

               (To sell it again)                           (Whilst you are selling your product)

I am to give you 2 communication model theories of communication activity.

  1. Lasswell’s theory

According to Lasswell, Power and Personality (1948) a communication model should answer the following questions:

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  • Who?
  • Says What?
  • In What Channel?
  • To Whom?
  • With What Effect?

  1. Kotler’s theory

But according to Kotler, Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control (1991) the communication process was a sender/receiver model which to him provides a framework for answering the questions of Lasswell.

Elements in the communications process (Kotler theory)

Sender’s field of experience

  1. SENDER – The party sending the message to another party so they buy that product e.g. Packard bell.
  2. ENCODING – The process of putting thought into the message to make the customer understand what the organisation ...

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