Advertising: What is it for and is it right?

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Advertising: What is it for and is it right?

The media is an extremely powerful medium. It is an incredibly broad term, which covers all forms of communication, both written and oral and is something that affects every minute of our lives. The media consists of television, transmission’s of news/programmes, both terrestrial, cable and digital. Radio, newspapers, billboards, advertising and the super highway of the Internet. It could be said to have the ear and the eye of the whole nation. Its powers of persuasion are such that it can make us turn against or for something effortlessly.

Advertising plays an enormous part in the world of the media. It is frighteningly manipulative and persuasive and plays on our needs and desires which are frequently exploited. It exercises careful control over our thoughts and money convincing us to buy products, which perhaps we do not need that are unnecessary. The advertisers put together images, which play clearly on human weaknesses, which are exploited by advertisers who send out less obvious, euphoric messages in their texts. Advertising is now considered as an art form which has developed over many years in what has become a global market.

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Advertising is the act of promoting a product by informing the public of the products worth. Whether it is television, radio, or newspapers, companies must find a distinct name and phrase that one can associate with their product. For example the Budweiser advert with the three frogs saying BUD-WEIS-ER. A lot of viewers found themselves repeating it with friends. Even though this is not a very long or difficult idiom it was very successful and this I believe is a very good example of how easily an advertisement can entice a customer.

 Advertising has been blamed for a great variety ...

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