Amigo is set around 1900 in a hamlet called San Isidro. It is a movie directed by John Sayles. It is set around 1900

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Eve Christine Yap                                                                        August 14, 2012

D-15 W1 – 4R                “Amigo Reaction Paper”

        “Amigo” is set around 1900 in a hamlet called San Isidro. It is a movie directed by John Sayles. It is set around 1900 in a hamlet called San Isidro during the time of the Philippine-American War. At that time, Andres Bonifacio was already dead and Emilio Aguinaldwas the so-called president. The hamlet had Rafael Dacanay as their mayor. The movie started with Rafael trying to give a fair and firm little village justice over some sweet potatoes conflict. He was firm but fair, so he was respected in San Isidro. He had a son and a wife who lived together with him in the small village. On the other hand, he had a brother named Simón who was the leader of the local “insurrectos” or Filipino rebel group that were staying in the mountains and caves near the small village. One day, the American troops led by Colonel Hardacre arrived at the hamlet; they gathered the townspeople and freed the prisoners including the deceitful priest and Spanish soldiers. Afterwards, Colonel Hardacre left the hamlet leaving Lieutenant Ike Compton and some other soldiers. Lieutenant Ike went for the priest to for assistance in communicating with the people of the small village. Ike and his men, during their stay, started to show sympathy. They even had feasts and drank but the rebels took the chance and tried to attack the Americans but they failed and a child from the village was shot. They had force Rafael to lead them to where his brother is but he refused so he was imprisoned but was freed when he was re-elected as the mayor of San Isidro. During also the stay of the Americans, one of the most captivating moments was the lovers, an American and a woman living in the small village, who was able to send their feelings even though they do not understood each language. At the end of the movie, Rafael was hanged to death and later, the members of the “insurrectos” surrendered.

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        One amazing thing about this movie was when Sayles decided not to put on subtitles. It gave different people a feeling of what was it before when they worked together and communicated without even understanding each word of what they say especially the part of the lovers. They had Filipinos who speak only in Filipino, the Americans in English and the Chinese in Mandarin who only talked about their life.. This is a masterpiece of Sayles that showed the people that American colonialism has already started long ago. It also show people that even Filipinos before are able to govern, ...

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