Analyse a piece of text including the key concepts. Peugeot 207

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Analyse a piece of text including the key concepts.

        Peugeot 207

                The advert is from the coloured supplement of the Sunday Times on 10th November 2002. I will analyse this car advert and write about its key concepts and the global market to which it belongs.

        A family car is the main image surrounded by colourful play balls, the ones you get in childrens play-pits. This represents a safe family car because it is embedded in play balls. It also represents the child in every responsible parent that wants to join their children in the play-pit and have as much fun as them. It is represented in this way to show the audience that this car is a safe car. When children are left at the crèche they are in a safe place. In the crèche there’s a ball-pit allowing the children to have fun jumping about without harming themselves. Associations with ball-pits are; fun, freedom, colourful, excitement, playful. The connotations are safety and being looked after. The image is portraying a safe child having fun in a ball-pit.

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        The text is mainly addressed to parents, but can include grandparents and any other adults responsible for children in a car. The audience may receive this text positively because it will make them think about safety when purchasing a car, a family car. People buy cars when they need to. They are such an expense that the decision on which car to buy isn’t taken lightly. Peugeot are trying to pull the audience toward the safety features of their cars; implying if this car is brought then your family will be safe or safer.

        Peugeot are hoping the image ...

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