Analyse, review, compare and comment on the features used in advertisements

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GCSE Coursework

                                  Media Unit Assignment

Analyse, review, compare and comment on the features used in advertisements.

I think the purpose of advertising is to persuading people to buy a product or a service. The way in which is purpose is achieved is by catching the attention of the public and telling them how good a product is and maybe adding a catchy tune to catch their attention. The term features means a part of something. E.g. a feature of an advertisement is the picture or the text. The term advertisement means a public notice or an announcement. An advertisement could be printed or filmed and shown on T.V.

The origins of advertising were back in the 1700s and they were found in the city of Pompeii. The advertisements were done by people called Town criers; they were people who read out public notices out to the people on the streets. They rang bells to catch the public’s attention. I got the source from the Internet.

The people who are involved in an advertising campaign are the company who made the product and the people who make the advertisements for television. What is involved in an advertising campaign is the product that the company is trying to sell. You need to have a team in place in order to successfully advertise a product because you need to make the advertisement and people in the advert to tell the public what the product is about.

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A target group is a group of people that the advertising campaigns are specifically trying to catch attention to. E.g. teenagers. Companies like McDonalds, KFC and Burger King are trying to sell products like chicken burgers and they put on the advert at an appropriate time that teenagers will be watching at. E.g. 4:00 when teenagers get home from school. KFC are trying to sell the ‘Variety Bucket’ by using a catchy tune so teenagers will go out and buy the ‘Variety Bucket’, they also use words like ‘only’ to make the audience think that the product is cheap ...

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