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Analysis of ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The sun’

I will be comparing two British newspapers, ‘The sun’ and ‘The guardian’. I will be comparing the way they both present the news and how of each newspaper creates an identity. In 1946 The Daily Herald is relaunced as ‘The sun’. In 1970 the first topless girl is featured on page three which would be carried on for generations to come, It has become a part of the main infrastructure of the newspaper. Rupert Murdoch owns ‘The Sun’ and foxnews. Rupert Murdoch uses foxnews for his ‘Propaganda’ in America and in Britain he uses ‘The Sun’ in which he uses topless women on page three which helps sells over 3 million copies everyday. The main reason for the success of ‘The Sun’ was due to the page three girls. The Guardian on the other hand was launched in 1821, 125 years before ‘The Sun’ began as a weekly newspaper in Manchester and by 1964 ‘The guardian’ started to sell in London. The difference between the two is that ‘The sun’ uses exposure of women to help it sell its self where as the Guardian has got where it is because of hard work.

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‘The Sun’ sun targets the group labelled C2DE (the working class)  and to do this they use topless women  on page three and uses more pictures and is cheaply priced at £0.55 making it affordable it also uses its own marketing device of bingo which is looked upon as the working classes game. Not only does it use sex to grab its audience but it has a different ideology to many other newspapers, For example the sun basis its self on controversial opinions and can be very bias against the Muslim race. The Guardian has a completely different audience, ...

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