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Analysis of the Video for Madonna's Song "Frozen"

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Michael Lee Media Coursework MADONNA-Frozen I have been asked to analyse the video for Madonna's song titled frozen. For this I will look at the words and video of the song and see how the writer and director have tried to put the song across to the listeners of Madonna's music. To analyse the video I will need to understand about cinema convention terminology. This is a technical language that correctly describes a range of techniques that have been In my opinion the song 'frozen' is designed as a love song as the words suggest this. I think she is singing about her loving someone, but they perhaps not loving her. ...read more.


Colours are a key aspect of videos and in frozen they have chosen blues and greys to create a feeling of cold and ice. It also is a sharp colour scheme and not soft and friendly. The lighting creates the same effect with low key being used with many shadows. The shadows are used for dramatic effect and in this case to change one organism into something else for example the black dog appearing from Madonna. This is known as a visual effect and in this video makes the viewer feel uneasy in this video but is know as an unusual effect or something that has been altered after the recording like the contrast or colour. ...read more.


The land is dehydrated and lacks warmth like her relationship. Many different camera angles have been used to make the video exciting. Cutting and fading to make it more dramatic enhance this. Also the time is speeded up as the shot goes from day to night. At one point there is 3 Madonna's in one shot and this is created in the editing of the video to give the viewer a more mystical feel. Often the camera also zooms in on Madonna and other objects in the video. The video is made to improve the understanding of the meaning of the song and learning the listener a part of life or comforting them if they are in the same situation and does it perfectly by showing what problems Madonna is facing. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

*** A lively analysis of Madonna's video 'Frozen', featuring appropriate use of technical terminology to add meaning. Some attention to audience response. At times, there are lapses in expression and grammar.

Marked by teacher Nicola Twaites 09/04/2013

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