Barbie My scene - advertising campaign - english oral.

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     Year 11 Tee English Oral Assessment

advertising campaign

One of the most powerful ways to influence society is through the medium of television advertising.  A great majority of advertisements seek to encourage the target audience to buy a particular product or service.  Advertisers develop a campaign that is promoted through a series of advertisements.  Mattel’s hot new lifestyle brand ‘My Scene by Limited Too’ has been designed to attract a target audience for tweens girls aged between 7 and 12 My Scene appeals to this target audience to invite them to experience fun, fashion and friendship inspiring them to imagine and dream. Mattel will immerse girls to experience My Scene through a multi-faceted marketing campaign.  Two television advertisements that are apart of the My Scene campaign; can be viewed Saturday mornings (7-9 am) during the Saturday Disney program. The advertisements promotes My Scene with the use of familiar character Barbie and her new friends that have taken on a city life style of shopping, fashion, partying, fun and popularity through psychogenic needs to a tween girl, this campaign persuades girls by the use of visual techniques such as animated segments, striking vibrant use of colour in conjunction with narrative techniques through song lyrics and quick shots of what a girls lifestyle should be.

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Since Barbie doll’s first started marketing in 1959 as a paper doll inspired friend, she has firmly established herself as the most popular fashion doll ever introduced. Now continuing in the year 2003 Barbie has taken a whole new look and invited the tween girl to join her with her new friends. Each commercial runs a maximum of 30 seconds. Its urban settings and more realistic story lines, which are focused on shopping, dating, music and fashion — think of it as "Sex and the City" without the sex or the Cosmopolitans, and Barbie as Carrie Bradshaw — My ...

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