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Britannia Airways and Virgin Upper Class Website comparisons.

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Toni Bull 10APHT 01/04/04 Britannia Airways and Virgin Upper Class Website comparisons. The websites I am using are: - www.virgin.com/suite and www.britanniaairways.com I'll start by reporting on the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class suite website. To start with you are prompted to select what country you live in. This is so the person who enters the website can get it in the relevant language. To start with, you get to click on the different things on the plane, and a menu appears in this you get to select which item you want to read about. On the navigation menu on the top of the page, if you click on the box saying 'Experience' you are able to have a virtual tour of the different features of the plane. On this page there are 3 sub-menus. These are 'Reaction' this is reports on what other professional plane experts have said about it, the second one is 'Have your say' this is obviously where the explorers of the sight can leave their feelings and their views about the site, and lastly there is 'Response' this is where the members of Virgin Airways Flying Club have written what they think of it and what they would do to improve it. ...read more.


There are loads of pictures, and the background to the site is black and dark purple; the writing is red and white. It looks very eye catching, and would make you want to go back to the site again. They currently only go to New York, Los Angeles and a couple of other places, but the places in America they fly to is going to increase as the new improved plane flies more, and more are obviously made. You get a T.V, a bed in which they will give you bedding on request, refreshments and food available when you request them, video playing facility, and much, much more! I am now going to review the Britannia Airways website. When you first go onto the website you are greeted by a bright blue screen, with the word Britannica in red letters on the top left corner. There are also 2 blocks of three colours on the page. There is a picture in the middle, which changes to give you different views of the aeroplane. If you scroll down, after this there is a booking form for booking a flight. ...read more.


and from �15.00 return per child (from �20.00 return per child long haul). The price varies dependent on your choice of seating combination and the length of the flight. It also has a section called 'Can I Take it' this includes what size your allowed for hand luggage, and how much your luggage should weigh. This is very interesting. There is also a lot more relevant information. There are not many pictures. It is quite easy to navigate. The flight destinations are mainly in Europe. Food is available on longer flights. After carefully studying both websites, I prefer the Virgin Upper Class website for the design, interesting features and layout. However I would choose the Britannia website for the most relevant information. If Virgin put some interesting features on their website, and Britannia put some more pictures, and so different colours apart from Blue, then I would give them both 10 out of 10. as it stands I would give Virgin 9 and Britannia 8 1/2 as it is not that far behind, but at the end of the day the Virgin website is designed for business personnel and the Britannia website is designed for families. So both I think are good for the audience they are aimed upon. ...read more.

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