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Business Document Comparisons

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Business Document Comparisons Document name Public council letter Thank you letter for participating in a marathon for a charity Purpose of the document To inform a member of the community to put a halt to the constant barking of their dog between certain times of the night To congratulate a member who took part in the run of a marathon for charity and thank him/her for His/her efforts in participation. Also inform the participant of his/her position in the competition. ...read more.


A congratulating and formal passage of writing. Specified to respect the recipient and his/her efforts. Presentation style This document is not set out to attract or catch the eyes of people; it is purely to present the recipient with the purpose/problem. So a variety of colours and shades are not used as there is no reason to. This document is based as a certificate with a letter. As it was produced to congratulate someone's achievement. it has lots of colours and images on the topic of sport. ...read more.


It is also sticking to specifics and with formal language. It is more recipient friendly, what I mean by this is that the language is congratulatory towards the person and is of less urgency, in the way that something has been done wrong and needs to be acted on. What I would improve I don't think there is any improvement needed on this invoice, it has said what it has needed to and given the appropriate details for the recipient This is a good letter but I think there is an area of improvement for the presentation style. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dean smith 11k Letter comparison Dean smith 11k Letter comparison ...read more.

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