In this project I will devise a marketing campaign for a business called ‘Pamparama’ to promote the business and to improve its products and to advertise the business.  Included in the market campaign are the 4P’s:

  • Price
  • Promotion
  • Place
  • Product

Before doing this I must find information through primary research, which will be my first questionnaire to find information on the needs of customers.

Then I will do secondary research, which will involve research that somebody else has done.

The shop itself is a salon and specialises in pedicures and facials. It has 5 treatment areas and the salon stocks a lot of beauty products and has recently just opened.

The shop is located in the sovereign harbour in Eastbourne so it is a prime location and sure to do well. The Salon is unisex and caters for years 16 and over.


Pamparama is located on the suburbs of Eastbourne so its only competition is in the centre of town. But there are many salons in town giving the business a lot to compete with – I will be comparing these in this market campaign.

The aim of the business is to offer all beauty treatments, currently available in Eastbourne and also additional upmarket treatments specially aimed at the marine clientele in luxurious surroundings.

                                Primary Research

    What is primary research?

    Primary research is also known as ‘field research’ or ‘market research’. It is usually marketing research specially commissioned and undertaken for a specific purpose.  

     Price Check


   All prices seem to be the same as the beauty salon in Eastbourne Town (Body & Soul) and I noticed in the Price List Pamparama offers more treatments but some things do appear more expensive. I think this needed due to the high demand in pay for rent in the Sovereign Harbour because it is a prime location because not only do you get the customers living in the Harbour but you get people from all around the world come in on their boats.


     I chose to use this method of research because it clearly points out the areas where prices are either too low or too high compared to other retail shops.

Body & Soul is located 0.57 miles from Eastbourne.

47 Grove Rd

Eastbourne BN21 4TX

Tel. 01323 724733


This is the closest Beauty Salon to the centre of Eastbourne bringing in the biggest competetion to other salons due to the prime location situated near the station and the main bus lane.

      Observation of Customers 

  The nearest beauty salon to Pamparama is located in Eastbourne Town, which does not bring any competition to Pamparama because Pamparama is situated 5 miles from Eastbourne town. Being the only beauty salon in the harbour it attracts lots of customers daily. I carried out a survey to see what the average age was to visit the beauty salon. I converted the survey into a graph. Figures are shown below. I asked 20 customers who entered. This took 2 hours and 12 of them had appointments.

Here is a graph to display the results of the observation of customers:

The average age is 45-55. At this age most women are housewives and do not work therefore they would have more time to visit the salon and the men may have retired at this age.

Pamparama Market Testing

The owners of Pamparama carried out a survey on the bank holiday weekend boat show, which proved that there was a huge interest.

Four of the prospective employees wore printed Pam-pa-ra-ma t-shirts and interviewed people as well handing out flyers offering 20% discounts on their first free treatments.

Their own questionnaires were filled in asking if they would visit a salon if there was one at the harbour and how much they spend on treatments and how often they visit. People gave their phone numbers addresses so that they could be contacted as soon as they opened.

From the information that was gathered they established that the average amount people are currently spending per month on beauty etc is £40.00.

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