Business Report part 1

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My name is Deizy and I am a marketing assistant the research and creative department at Westlon Agency. My agency has received a letter from Simi Courtland, phones for u ltd. My job role is to carry out research on behalf of the business called Simi Courtland, phones for u ltd as they want to open a new phone shop in the Paddington area. My client is Simi Courtland phones for u ltd. There is many similar phone shops in the area so I’ve been told to be careful. My job is to market research and to organise an effective marketing campaign to make the business successful. The role of the advertising agency is to produce advertisements for other firms and business organisation. I think the main aims and objectives of a business such as phones for u ltd is to succeed, compete with other in the same or similar positions, make profits, finally gain and retain customers.

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The bullet points below show what is expected for the Advertising Agency to do.

  • Carry out market research to investigate the potential market for the potential market for the shop and the level of competition in the area.
  • Organise a marketing campaign for the shops including advertisements and promotions.
  • Prepare a presentation showing market research findings and promotional ideas.


This SWOT analysis shows the influences which could affect the success of the business. The article in which I retrieved this information is from the metro dated 11/09/02 page 43.the article is about ‘fifth cut in sales ...

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