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Business studies coursework - Marketing.

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Business Studies Coursework Number Task DATE DUE DATE DONE 1 Write a brief definition of marketing. 2 Write what sources you get the definition from. 3 Draft a suitable questionnaire, which will give you your target market and products/ services they require, and send them out. 4 Explain why you produced a questionnaire, and state why you hope to gain from it. 5 Discuss the various other methods of market research you could have used. 6 Visit a shop or shops similar to the type you have chosen to open, answer the following: � The name of the shop, its type, and its aims. � Its location and how important you consider this to be with regard to shops success. � The range of goods/services it offers � Are there any ways in which its target market would effect the shops location, and the range of goods/services it sells? � State what affects the opening of your shop might have on the community and existing businesses. 10 Take your completed questionnaires and: � Review your market research - what information does the questionnaire data provide? � Discuss how your results will help you make decisions with regard to your business location, target market, pricing etc. � Discuss the effectiveness of this kind of survey, as you carried out, as it might be done in reality by a small business. � Discuss the main ways in which any business can promote and advertise its products/services and how legal constraints can affect how it does this. � Where possible get the costs for the promotion. This may affect your eventual choices of methods. � Give your conclusions and final decisions on the promotional and advertising methods you have decided upon. Task 2 What is marketing? There are many factors, which must be considered when marketing is involved. Marketing is a procedure used by businesses to make their products or services meet the requirements of the market, it is also used to make the market aware of them, and a way to know if the market wants to buy their product or service. ...read more.


The target market for Easy Everything Internet is for people of all ages including children, as everyone needs to use the Internet. The target market would influence where the shop is located. For instance it would be illogical to provide an Internet caf� in a quiet country village if you were targeting young people. The target market would influence what range of products the shop was selling, for example young people tend to enjoy more 'exotic coffee ranges' than older people. I think an Internet caf� is for all age categories because nowadays the Internet is an essential tool for communication. I believe that when my caf� opens, it will attract customers away from other coffee shops and caf�'s as my business will be not only providing food and drink but also entertainment. Easy Everything Internet's aim is to keep customers happy, supply customers with good quality food and drinks. However their prices are quite expensive and not competitive. I plan to make my business based on competitive prices whilst providing excellent food and drink. Easy Everything Internet is in Tottenham court road, which is the closest to Holborn, apart from one in Southampton Row. Easy Everything Internet offers a wide variety of teas, coffees, other hot drinks, sandwiches and soft drinks. Which all is provided from a fast food restaurant called 'Subways' they are specialised in sandwiches. Easy Everything Internet also offers surfing time, however I think it is very expensive, I tend to keep prices low, as this will help me compete more effectively. Task 6 - Questionnaire Results This information is I think irrelevant to my type of business, because gender does not have an affect on who uses an Internet caf�. I will not be considering this information when setting up my business. From this graph I can see that the majority of people who answered my questionnaire were people aged between 12 - 15. ...read more.


The reason for these rules being issued is that the public do not want to be deal with material which could be upsetting and false. There are many other rules and regulations, but this is just a brief example which must be complied with. I will need to us advertising to promote my business, all type of advertising costs, so I will now make rough estimates on how much it will cost to produce the types of advertisement I will use. The cost to place an advert in the local newspaper is roughly �150.00. The cost of 1 leaflet is roughly 2p, and we need about 200 leaflets. So the calculation would be 2 x 200 = 400p which is �4.00, to hand out 200 leaflets. Although this is very cheap, it wouldn't generate the degree of awareness the business would need to survive. The Businesses name is "OsNet Caf�" because it is a fresh name and it is quite catchy, also it relates to my name. I propose to promote "OsNet Caf�" by opening the caf� in Holborn and hire staff to distribute little gifts and leaflets to celebrate the opening of "OsNet Caf�". Leaflets will be distributed around the local area, which will cost �15 for someone to deliver them. An advert will also be placed in local newspapers, which will cost �150. To summarise, the total cost of promoting "OsNet Caf�" is calculated as follows: Newspaper adverts: �150.00 Leaflet distribution: � 15.00 Leaflet production: � 4.00 Total: � 269.00 (All values estimated) The total cost of �269.00 is quite cheap for this type of advertising scheme and will sit very comfortably within my financial budgets. Eventually when the company has substantial cash flow and more capital, I propose to expand the business all over London. The long term plan will be to open "OsNet Caf�" all over the country by issuing franchises, hopefully "OsNet Caf�" will become a one of the best internet caf�s around. OSMAN AHMADI BUSINESS STUDIES-COURSEWORK MS TOIA MARKETING ...read more.

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