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Business website design.

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Executive Summary Here are the sections which are included in this proposal Introduction A brief statement about the company and what is required from the client Client requirements Here is what the client would require from the website in detail User needs A description of the target audience and what they require and expect Objectives The purpose of the website and what it hopes to achieve Explanations for Here is why specific options were chosen as opposed to others reason of treatment Proposed contents What the website compromises of Human resources The professionals which are required to produce the website Breakdown of Breakdown of the tasks within the project project Introduction Zak Autospare is a medium sized business based in Huddersfield. The main line of business is a wide range of car products from car parts to car audio. The business has a large amount of clients varying from mechanics to people with need of car parts. There are five workers at Zak Autospare, one of these being a manager and another the owner. The new website will advertise the business nationally as opposed to being only local at the moment, it will allow clients to purchase via the web, the main emphasis here will be upon car audio and car accessories such as alloy wheels, seats, steering wheels, etc. ...read more.


User 2: Name: Robert Mason Age: 28 Occupation: Auto Mechanic Car: Renault Laguna Internet shopper: Yes This type of user would expect a large range of parts for a majority of cars. He would also expect many electrical accessories such as speakers, stereos and all forms of wiring and fuses. Both of these users have excellent knowledge of the internet and they use it for information and shopping and would both expect transactions to be made securely and deliveries within reasonable times. Objectives The primary objective of the site is to introduce ZAK Autospare to a wider range of customers and to increase their customer base. The rest of the objectives are listed below: * Allow regular customers and new customers to purchase through the internet, which in return will provide more sales * Show full description of products available with clear images, which are quickly downloaded with prices alongside * Since the business already has a logo, a new logo will not have to be created, this logo will be used through out the website to remind the user whose site they are on and reinforce this name, so that when they think of car parts and audio they think of Zak Autospare * An email ...read more.


the entire testing of the website * Copy writer - To produce all the necessary text required on the site and will also cover proof reading * Graphic designer - They will supervise all photo shoots, generate ideas, generate overall design and icon generation * Photographer - They will take all the photos of the shop itself to put on the website Breakdown of Project Tasks to be completed, all the below must be completed within six months, this is when the client would like the site to be ready for. Step 1 - Planning - basic planning of the website, all tasks delegated Step 2 - Technical engineering followed by back end implementation - here all the coding of the site will be implemented and the design interface will be put forward and all pages will be complete Step 3 - Proofing - all the site will be tested, i.e. type proofing, links, download test, platform testing, browser testing Step 4 - Ready for launch - at this stage the site will be complete and ready to operate Schedule Step Week Signoff 1 4 2 8 3 14 4 18 Costing A complete breakdown of the cost can be found in appendix B Project Proposal 1 ...read more.

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