Carry On Time Travel

Curtains open. Scientist in lab, working on time machine (the core). Stood behind desk, hands underneath, rubbing bottle.

            Act 1, scene 1

   NEIL: Kate! Come quickly, I’m having some trouble!

Kate comes rushing in stage right to see scientist with bottle under desk.

KATE: I know your problem I’ve seen it many times before. Let me try!

Kate rubs the bottle harder.

NEIL: Finally!

Put bottle down and it fizzes over.

NEIL: Come and look at my time machine, I call it The Core!

They walk towards the left of the stage.

       Act 1, scene 2

They walk towards left of stage.

Neil stands next to the time machine.

KATE: Isn’t it big!

NEIL: Would you like to take it for a ride?

Curtains open with carry on styled jingle. The lighting would just be plain, full lights facing towards the stage.  

When Neil is shaking the bottle we will have a glass bottle with a cork as the lid. Inside the bottle we will have bicarbonate of soda and vinegar so when the cork is released the mixture will react and fizz over the bottle.

Neil opens  the door to the time machine inviting Kate in.

They step into the machine.

KATE: It’s a tight squeeze.

NEIL: It’s small but effective!

KATE: Turn it on!

Time machine makes sounds and shakes vigorously.

KATE: Ahhh, move a little to the right, ohhh to the left, Argh you’re sat on my arm.

NIEL: Look out below I’m coming.

        ACT 2, SCENE 1

In A Victorian street, Neil and Kate stagger out looking stunned and exhausted.

NEIL: My time machine worked.

KATE: That was great.

Kate fiddling with skirt and Neil looking around confused.

NEIL: Where the hell are we!

KATE: You don’t know where we are.

Kate grabs hold of Neil and tells him in his face.

NEIL: Slight miscalculation.

Join now!

KATE: What?

When the time machine starts the regular lights will turn off and the coloured lights will flash speedily and alternately.

Smoke will also be pumped onto stage.

We will have music to symbolise the “Core” moving through time.  We will have music from the Queen album, a song called “I’m going slightly mad.”

Curtains close and music fades.

Curtains reopen to a Victorian street. Sounds of  a neighbourhood in background and people walking, chatting etc.


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