Charity Advertisements-Christian Aid & Christian Children's Fund

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Charity Advertisements-Christian Aid & Christian Children’s Fund


In this coursework I am going to discuss charity advertisements. Both of my chosen charities ask for money to help the poor, one of them helps young children and the other, poor people. The charities I am talking about are called Christian Aid and the other is called Christian Children’s Fund. Both of these charities ask for money from the public to help their charities help others.  

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The purpose of any charitable organisation is to collect money for people who are less fortunate than others. We contribute to them because we may feel guilty, compassionate or we do it because of our religious beliefs. We may feel guilty because we got a nice house to live in and we got a car or microwave to cook our food in. The poor people don’t have any of that and it may make us feel that we took everything and gave them nothing. If we give a little to charities like this, we could feel better about ourselves that we’ve given something to help them build their own lives. Compassion is another reason we may give money to a charity, we might feel sorry for the people who live in dirty and unhygienic places. We would feel much better about ourselves if we knew that the we were giving something to help people who can’t afford it. Another reason, religious beliefs. It might be in our background to give a little to charities every month so the poor can get fresh water and food. Some people may believe that in giving money to the poor, they can move on to a better life when they die. Or if they are poor in their next life, they know there is someone out there who will contribute to them. People contribute money to all charities in the world.          

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There are many more charities around the world, not only Christian Aid and Christian Children’s Fund. Many others consist of Animal Aid, Animal Shelter, Children in Need, Oxfam, RSPCA, WWF, Cancer Research, The Breast Cancer Fund, Greenpeace Fund, Plant Life, Earth Watch and many, many more. There are lists and lists of organisations around the world which not only help human beings, but other things. For example, Animal Aid, Animal Shelter, RSPCA, WWF, would all support animals get back to their wildlife and keep them safe and well when they are ill. Greenpeace Fund, Plant Life and Earth Watch would support mother nature when we are tearing it down. Cancer Research and The Breast Cancer Fund help women who are suffering from one of the most deadliest decease around. All these charities help all living things by getting medical equipment which would help them get back to normal and well again.

Charities advertise to raise money for the needy. They make people aware of the issues that are ignored by most and send out messages that some people need help. Nearly half the advertisements we see on television or hear on the radio are from charitable organisations. Some helping the environment, some helping the animals, and some helping the humans. But nearly of them are supporting something or another. This makes a lot of competition and when there is one charitable organisation competing against others all the adverts we see or hear are going to be pleads from different organisations. The lack of funding by the Government can be another reason for advertising, asking for help from the public is better than asking for help from the Government as they may not give the amount requested. If the organisations ask for money from the public, they could get it almost immediately because the public cares more about the environment or poor people or the animals.

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There are many types of media which charities advertise their organisations on, for example, television, radio, billboards, print media, etc. On television we see the conditions of place where people live and sleep. They normally show us the poor people and how sad they are living in these unhygienic places. They try to show us the poorest place in the world so we feel sorry for them and give a donation. On the radio we hear such advertising campaigns from the RSPCA and Oxfam. These charities are for animals and children and ask for a donation of £1 or £2 ...

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