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How do the film makers of Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal the good and evil in the film?

Presentational devices are used by film makers to add detail to the film, regarding the characters and their actions. In this essay I intend to investigate how the film makers of Chicken Run have used presentational devices such as camera shots, music, sound effects, costume, lighting, stage devices, setting and character interaction in order to make the film more emphatic for the audience. I am also going to examine how good and evil is portrayed in the characters of the film.

        The film Chicken Run tells the story of a coop of chickens who are trapped behind barbed wire, fearful of the evil Mr and Mrs Tweedy who run the chicken farm. None of their inventive bids for freedom have been successful until one day an American rooster called Rocky lands in the coop. Meanwhile, Mrs Tweedy is constructing a vast, horrific chicken-pie-making machine. From then on the chickens become chickens with a mission – they have a plan to fly out and escape.

In film making, camera shots act as a kind of film language. Shots from different angles have different effects on the audience. For this essay I have looked at four styles of camera shots – close up, mid angle, high angle and low angle – and how they are manipulated by the film maker to create the impression of good and evil throughout the film.

        The film makers of Chicken Run have used camera shots to an excellent standard to portray emotion and to make the storyline come alive. I have compiled some examples of the way camera shots have been used extremely effectively in this film.

        At the very beginning of Chicken Run, the scene is set. There is a close up shot of Mr Tweedy and then his fierce dog. The audience sense that these characters are scary and menacing and are intended to be seen as the baddies in this story.

In the middle of the film, Ginger and Rocky are on the roof talking. There is a close up of Ginger, then Rocky looking at each other. This focuses on the emotions of the characters and hints at the two chickens liking each other as more than just friends. This makes the audience feel pleased that love is in the air.

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        In the first part of the film, we see an ominous circus truck pull up to the chicken farm, and it becomes apparent that the character of Rocky has escaped from the circus.  There is a mid angle shot of Ginger and Rocky when they are hiding behind a chicken shed. This highlights their fear of being discovered and makes the audience tense.

        When the film is just starting, we see a high angle shot of all the chickens in dim light behind a gargantuan metal fence. This makes the chickens seem small and vulnerable, it is clear that they ...

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